The CareOne Disaster Relief Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to members of the CareOne community impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

CareOne and its affiliated businesses represent over 4,000 employees throughout the state of New Jersey and serve over 4,000 patients daily. Many lives were impacted throughout the communities CareOne serves. CareOne's Monmouth County care centers were impacted the greatest, with over 30 employees who currently have uninhabitable living quarters.

Additionally, many of CareOne's residents' families and health care partners were impacted through loss of housing, transportation and daily living necessities.


The CareOne Disaster Relief Fund is an organization that focuses on improving the quality of life through charitable financial assistance to our employees, customers and their families and community organizations who were the most significantly impacted by the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

About the Relief Fund

The CareOne Disaster Relief Fund will grant financial assistance to awardees through an Independent Selection Committee. Working with senior leaders throughout CareOne and its affiliated businesses, criteria has been established to assist employees, residents and their families and community members for consideration. Awardees will be chosen based on the financial amount, severity of damage and immediate benefit of the financial assistance.

Awardees will receive financial grants to:

  • Provide financial aide and assistance for temporary living arrangements
  • Provide financial aide to assist in funding permanent living options
  • Provide financial aide to assist in paying for daily necessities as they rebuild and recover (food, supplies, clothing, gas, etc.)
  • Provide financial aide to assist in purchasing larger scale items such as cars and larger scale household items (refrigerators, washer/dryers, etc.)
  • Pay bills such as car insurance, car payments, phones, day care for children, etc.

CareOne Disaster Fundraising Event Raised More than $1 Million

CareOne Management CEO Daniel Straus Announces Inaugural CareOne Disaster Fundraising Event Raised More than $1 Million

Calls support of employees for their co-workers “heartwarming;” says goal is to aid CareOne employees who suffered Hurricane Sandy losses in time for the holidays

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Fundraising Efforts Currently Underway

  • The CareOne Relief Store
    Established at CareOne's Monmouth County care center, CareOne at King James, the relief store is fully stocked with over $10,000 worth of donated items from the company and community to assist more than 40 employees and their families greatly impacted by the super storm. The Relief Store, established two days after the storm, provides basic necessities such as clothing, food, and supplies.
  • December 4th Fundraising Event
    "Coming Together To Make Things Better": Our inaugural fundraising event is anticipated to attract over 200 participants, made up predominantly of CareOne employees who will be donating their time and money to the CareOne event. The event will feature a "Casino Night" theme with paid admission contributions, a silent auction, and corporate sponsorship donations.
  • Support and Counseling
    CareOne has deployed counselors to our hardest hit communities to aid employees and community members effectively manage the emotional and psychological impact the storm has had on their lives. Initial services have been arranged and funded by CareOne, but further counseling and support is needed while the victims recover from the devastating storm.
  • Assistance with Federal Aid
    Ongoing volunteer support has been provided to CareOne centers hardest hit by the storm to assist employees, customers and community members who require assistance with applying for federal aid. These volunteers are assisting victims with navigating applications, assisting with data entry and supporting the applicants in interpreting the information needed to successfully complete these applications.
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